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A new era of cloud, for everyone

Efficient collaboration, trivial deployments and global scaling in one platform.

  • Cloud native

  • Update with ease

  • Blazing fast

Benefits for

Efficient to collaborate

The future of cloud is developer experience. Preview deployments make product reviews more fun! With our cloud IDE, code reviews can be done collaboratively in the cloud. To complete the experience we provide Github and CI pipeline integration.

Trivial to deploy

Deploying your app in Codesphere is easy, no DevOps experience required. We remove the unnecessary overhead so you can spend less time configuring and more time building. Codesphere's staging environments enable canary releases, blue green deployments, and A/B testing.

Easy to scale and monitor

Distributing incoming traffic horizontally and vertically across servers can be done in a few clicks. Monitoring resource consumption, uptime and requests are straightforward. With Codesphere you can scale comfortably in a cloud native environment!

Page speed improvements

We sustainably solve performance problems not by sheer added power but by transforming your entire infrastructure to cloud native technology. With Codesphere your site will work smarter not harder and scale straightforwardly.

Update with ease

In staging environments you can try out updates to your shop first, make sure everything runs and then point your customers there with 1-click, zero downtime, zero anxiety.

Accessible A/B Testing

With Codesphere you can easily test the performance of content, themes, or an entire store. Simply run multiple modified clones of your store simultaneously and compare the outcomes.

Codesphere makes your application work smarter not harder.

Accelerate your project today with Codesphere

The most intuitive cloud provider you've ever used

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What can I build with Codesphere?

Our tutorials showcase only the start of the amazing web apps, bots, and software that you can build with Codesphere.

Find tutorial articles here


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