Service Level Agreement

Last updated: 5th of October, 2023

This service level agreement (SLA) identifies the services required and the expected level of services.

Service Commitment


SLA-measurement is combination of two methods:


Service availability is measured by probing important endpoints and customers from our data centers in Germany and the USA, as if it were a client accessing the service. The measurement interval is 30 seconds. The test includes latency and status code of the HTTP response.


We store status code and latency of every request that is reaching our data centers for 7 days for the purpose of detecting service unavailability.


Downtime is announced on


Monthly uptime is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of 5-minute intervals during the monthly billing cycle in which the service was unavailable. If the downtime exceeds our agreement (SLA Target), the cost of the plan for that timespan will be refunded in the form of credits for Codesphere. If the bought plan exists for only part of the month, availability is calculated over the portion of the month during which it existed. Monthly uptime measurements exclude unavailability resulting directly or indirectly from any SLA Exclusion.

If this availability rate is not reached, the fee due for the entire calendar year for the affected instances of an endpoint in this category is reduced by 20% for each full percentage point missing at the end of the year.

SLA Exclusions

This SLA does not apply to:

  • Issues caused by situations outside the control of Codesphere, such as large-scale internet outages, datacenter outages and natural disasters
  • 3rd-party software, or vendor-related 1-Clicks
  • Issues related to service or account restrictions, including but not limited to a customer’s use of the services in violation of the agreement
  • Downtime during maintenance windows, user-initiated downtime, or automated upgrades

We will evaluate all information reasonably available to us and make a good faith determination of whether a service credit is owed.


Paid Customer Hosting


Workspaces that have paid plans selected are available and able to serve traffic.

SLA Target

99% uptime

Free Customer Hosting


Workspaces with free plans selected are available and able to serve traffic.

SLA Target

95% uptime



Using the Codesphere IDE to manage workspaces.

SLA Target

98% uptime