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A new era of cloud, for everyone

Codesphere provides efficient collaboration, trivial deployments, and global scaling in one platform. Transitioning to cloud-native infrastructure has never been easier, no DevOps experience required.

Trusted by 37k+ users and covered in international press
  • Explore the future of the cloud

    By Use Case


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    Flexible Load Balancing & Auto Scaling

    Easily scale up or down to maintain smooth performance even during major traffic peaks.

    Add servers / databases easily

    No DevOps experience required

    Autoscaling replicas (coming soon)

    Preview Deployments

    Speed up code and feature reviews, fully integrated with GitHub Actions. Deploys instantly, runs only when needed.

    • Faster CI (<5s to deploy)

    • Preview links + WebIDE

    • Save costs

    Staging Environments & 1-Click Deployments

    Set up dedicated staging environments to test updates with a few clicks. Our 1-click zero downtime deployment is 100% reversible if something goes wrong.

    Test updates first, then deploy by swapping the urls.

    A/B Test Without Limits

    Connect multiple versions of your code to the same domain to test even the most sophisticated of hypotheses.

    Version A

    Version B


    By Demo

    Accelerate your project today with Codesphere

    The most intuitive cloud provider you've ever used

    What can I build with Codesphere?

    Our tutorials showcase only the start of the amazing web apps, bots, and software that you can build with Codesphere.

    Find tutorial articles here


    We'd love to hear what you're thinking about our product. Are you missing a feature? What can we do better? This is the place for you to vote, discuss and share ideas.

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