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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Codesphere?

Codesphere provides an automated CI/CD and manages infrastructure with zero configuration. It is an all in one code editor, GitOps, and Cloud Services provider.

How to get started with Codesphere?

Watch how to get started with Codesphere –

Why should I use Codesphere?

Codesphere handles infrastructure management for you. With Codesphere, you get both deployment and cloud infrastructure directly into your development environment. With Codesphere, you’ll have more time to focus on development.

Codesphere’s comprehensive platform also provides a feature-rich online code editor in which you can build, test, and run your apps – all within a single tab of your browser.

What are Codesphere's core features?
  • 1-click deployment and scaling
  • Multiplayer coding
  • Code completion
  • GitHub integration
  • Code search
  • App monitoring
  • Custom domains
  • Template apps
  • Cloud services
  • And much more
Can I use Codesphere for free?

Yes. We provide a free Basic Plan. For further information about our pricing plans, you may refer to the Pricing page.

What is the benefit of using a web IDE?

Without a cloud-based IDE, the end result of codebase collaboration tends to produce different outcomes on different machines. Even more compatibility issues might arise while collaborating from different development and production environments.

Developing in Codesphere’s Web IDE enables an entire development team to code with the same configuration from which the code will be deployed – meaning no compatibility issues!

Another benefit – when your codebase is in Codesphere, you can easily leverage Codesphere’s wide variety of automatic deployment, scaling, testing, and security services.

How does Codesphere differ from environments like CodeSandbox and CodeAnywhere?

Codesphere is both extremely scalable and powerful – much more so than less comprehensive in-browser Web IDE’s, such as CodeSandbox and CodeAnywhere.

Codesphere is built for professional development teams who build scalable web applications. Codesphere’s full-stack microservice architecture provides high-availability and advanced security features that are supported by an entire datacenter of computational power.

How does Codesphere differ from cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCS?

Codesphere is a cloud provider, but we provide a much more efficient and holistic experience. With Codesphere you can get a comprehensive development experience and seamless cloud integration – without any cumbersome integration procedures.

Write, test, and deploy your code with a single click.

What should I do if I find a bug in Codesphere?

Contact us at [email protected]. Our Support Team is ready to respond throughout the day in order to ensure you have a great Codesphere experience.

How can I trust Codesphere to store my code?

At Codesphere we adhere to strict security and data privacy best practices to keep your data safe. Our security specialists work around the clock to ensure the system’s security and data protection standards.

For more information, you may refer to our Terms of Service.

What should I do if have a question or a feature request?

We would love to hear from you! For feature requests, you may refer to our Feedback page and for any questions, contact us at [email protected].

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What can I build with Codesphere?

Our tutorials showcase only the start of the amazing web apps, bots, and software that you can build with Codesphere.

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