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What’s New in Codesphere Version 1.11.2


The latest Codesphere updates!

What’s New?


  • App Monitoring
  • Code Search

Starting today, Codesphere has a new interface to monitor your app! The new feature will allow you to make sure that your app is running as expected, and let you know if you’re under or over-estimating your computing needs.

We’re also happy to announce that you can now find a search bar above your file tree, which gives you the ability to search through your codebase.

In addition, we’ve improved Python support as we understand that more and more developers are building their web apps in python-based frameworks like Django and Flask.

To get a better idea of all our new feature releases, take a look at our new video on our YouTube channel!

At Codesphere, we’ve been hard at work bringing you the next generation cloud platform so that you can spend less time configuring and more time doing what you do best: Actually Coding.

If there is a feature we haven’t released yet that you’d like to see, comment down below! Otherwise, stay tuned for future releases!

As always, thanks for using Codesphere.

Happy coding!