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April 2023 Recap


This April is an exciting month for all of us. Not only did we manage to secure a $2.5M seed extension round, we also released some long awaited new features.

The focus of this month’s releases is one very close to our mission, bringing the complexities of the cloud landscape into a simpler, more accessible interface. We released our marketplace with the first two managed databases, MySQL and Redis. Going forward we will be adding more managed services like S3, Custom Docker Images, Elastic Search and much more. Secondly, we released a GitHub Actions Integration which allows taking advantage of Codesphere ultra fast deployment times for Preview Deployments. You can now deploy feature branches directly from your GitHub pull requests in seconds.

On top of that we improved the onboarding process through an email sequence with helpful tutorials and use-case inspirations for you guys. Generally, we appreciate any feedback you might have, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Features & Updates


Our marketplace was released with the first two managed databases (MySQL and Redis). This will be the place where you can purchase any cloud service needed to run your application.

The marketplace is also the place to browse for pre-built integrations to integrate Codesphere with the tools you already use.

The currently released version already makes it a lot easier to set up things like Wordpress, WooCommerce or Medusa. However we are just getting started, we are working hard on adding new services and also make them as quick to launch as our workspaces. Powering up databases in a second will make our preview deployments even more powerful.


E-Commerce event in Vienna with Elias keynote, where he provided an insight into new possibilities for online shops.

Composable Commerce offers the possibility of linking different modular and interchangeable components for the design of your e-commerce shop.

The benefits? Complete control and long-term flexibility in your online shop, while also securing competitive advantages in the shopping experience for your customers. Win-win for all sides, right? Codesphere is perfect for testing more complex structures in A/B tests.

However, the use of Composable Commerce systems requires ongoing management of all modules, and the various components often require complex decisions.

The prerequisites for implementing a Composable Commerce system are:

  1. Page speed & scalability
  2. Conversion funnel
  3. A/B testing
  4. Preview deployments
  5. Canary releases

Learn more on each of them in our free webinar series.


New users are now greeted by an onboarding video alongside 4 emails, making it easier to get started in Codesphere.

Curious to see how they look? Sign-up to Codesphere today, it's free.

We used Sendgrid to implement this, anyone interested in a tutorial how that works? Let us know.